Jude’s 2 month post!

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Jude's second month of life has been so sweet (this is a month late because I'm a slacker - Luke)!  He has become extremely social.  He started intentionally smiling and "talking" on his 6 week birthday.  He has recently started cooing and babbling … [Read more]

Thankful Praise – Jude’s Name

Thankful Praise

Sorry for the lack of bloggage.  Life has been busy, so busy in fact, that I had outsource this blog post to my wonderfully, wonderful wife! Jude's Name Our little guys name literally means "thankful praise".  His middle name 'Matthias' means … [Read more]



Fasting - Matt 6:16-18 from Luke McFadden on Vimeo. A New Color Pallet Here's another Motion Scripture based on Matt 6:16-18, it was featured in this Episode of the Preposterous Project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkZHbBh0tEk … [Read more]

Halloween Neighborhood Outreach Kit

Halloween Neighborhood Outreach

Halloween Neighborhood OutreachThis idea was born out of a desire to be "the church" in our neighborhood.  This isn't a systematic plan to invite people to church, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Rather, it's about building relationships … [Read more]